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The European Initiative
for Security Studies

The largest and most diverse European gathering of 
scholars and practitioners on security issues

Joint Policy Workshop

European Initiative for Security Studies - NATO Defense College - Vrije Universiteit Brussel IES

Intra-Alliance Challenges
to NATO’s Cohesion and European Security

22 November 2019, Brussels

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Introductory remarks

By Hugo Meijer and Alain Dieckhoff, Sciences Po - CERI.


By Stephen Brooks, Dartmouth College, and Barry Posen, Massachussets Institute of Technology.

Final 2019 Programme

(Re)watch the Keynote


Economics, history, law, philosophy, political science, sociology, strategic studies and most social sciences

Geographically diverse

A Europe-wide network of scholars that share the goal of consolidating security studies

Practitioners welcomed

Members of the armed forces, of diplomatic services, as well as national
and international civil servants

The European Initiative on Security Studies is a Europe-wide multidisciplinary network of scholars that share the goal of consolidating security studies in Europe. Specifically, the aims of the EISS are two-fold:

  1. CREATING A NETWORK - To develop and sustain a Europe-wide network in the field of security studies. This gives visibility to the range of individual and collective research projects that are currently underway in Europe.
  2. CREATING A PLATFORM - To establish a forum for the exchange of ideas in order to foster new joint research projects and develop international research partnerships.

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