Membership Events

Our members are called upon to organise a wide range of events.
EISS will support these bottom-up initiatives to make them available online to all members.

Online Roundtables & Conferences

Online events organised by EISS members with guests from academia and/or the policy world to talk about critical issues in international security. EISS members suggest a topic, gather a group of colleagues and EISS gives access to the online roundtable to the whole EISS community.

Early Career Seminars

Online or hybrid seminars organised by PhD students or early career academics to share their research and exchange ideas with the broader EISS community. Ph.D. students or PostDocs who are EISS members organise a seminar or conference in person at their university (or elsewhere), and EISS gives virtual access to the EISS membership.

Doctoral Training Workshops

Online workshops organised by members of EISS intended and tailored for Ph.D. students and early career academics. These online training workshops can revolve around the academic job market, devising an effective publication strategy, navigating academic journals and publishing, and how to turn the Ph.D. manuscript into a book. Early career academics and senior scholars alike can put forward proposals to EISS for such events.








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